Collection: En flor

En Flor, the celebration of the spectacle of life

The flowering of the most beautiful fields in the world, those of Cieza in Murcia, are the perfect spectacle to welcome the explosion of color that is spring.

Our collection 'En Flor' is a tribute to the magical moment in which the almond, peach, plum and apricot trees, bathed in light, dress up to give way to the most colorful season of the year, the one in which the countryside is perfumed with the smells of the flower that precedes the fruit and that predicts the long-awaited arrival of the first rays of sun.


Spring is a time to bloom, to celebrate with joy and enjoy the color that the sun gives to life. The ten colorful garments that make up this collection by Silvia Navarro symbolize flowers and are characterized by being decorated with them or with petals and being made with magnificent fabrics that give the dresses a special movement.


The time has come for happiness, for enjoying love and the joy of living this beautiful season again. Just as nature is reborn, it is time for us to be reborn too. Let us give way to the joy and good humor that give beauty to those who possess them.