Collection: Dolce

Silvia Navarro innovates with Dolce, the first party line from a fashion brand on the national scene aimed especially at mothers at communion or baptism, a very special audience that requires careful and unique outfits for emblematic dates, where they accompany and share the spotlight with their little ones in unforgettable moments, destined to remain forever in the family memory.

Dolce is an ode to quality and garments that are true treasures for everything they represent.

With Dolce, from Silvia Navarro, we claim the infinite beauty of building outstanding memories with those we love most, giving these moments the importance they deserve. In the twelve garments that make up the line, the colors Baby Blue, Baby Mint and Baby Pink predominate along with off-white, beige and, as a color note, a fresh lime green and a candy red in a white jumpsuit.

With Dolce we claim the infinite beauty of building important memories with those we love most.

We are made of unforgettable moments. Let's enjoy them.