Collection: Duende

Duende, the grace that makes us special

Our collection Duende It is dedicated to the South, to Andalusia and to what defines it, the desire to celebrate as a source of inspiration and also that way of enhancing and extolling the beauty so characteristic of this land full of unique settings.

In Silvia Navarro We understand beauty as a whole and far from staying in the aesthetics and design so characteristic of our designs, we go further and are committed to highlighting the elf, that which is so difficult to explain but that exists, that is real and is born. inside.

We want to praise a way of being, acting and behaving in life with a lot of art and salt because that's who we are.

we create Duende to highlight the essence of the feeling, what is transmitted, what really matters. 8 dresses and two absolutely spectacular outfits that will make you the perfect guest, the one that captures all eyes.

We claim the attitude and, especially, the joy that is contagious and that floods everything.