Silvia Navarro Commitment

At Silvia Navarro we believe in Corporate Social Responsibility, which is why we are committed to society and the environment to reduce the possible impact generated by our activity.

We seek to contribute to the development of society by echoing the concerns and expectations conveyed to us by the members of our team and our clients, to whom we respond, always keeping our principles and values ​​as a reference.

  • Committed to society

We promote respect and diversity in the different work teams, we support and guarantee correct labor treatment, equal opportunities and, above all, we contribute to better management of natural resources and the environment by minimizing the impacts derived from our textile activity.

In addition, we work to join the plans of the 2030 Agenda with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, dictated by the United Nations World Organization, UN, because we assume the commitment to join efforts to achieve each of these objectives, generating a positive impact on society.

For this reason, we collaborate with various social causes to contribute, with our support and to the extent of our possibilities, to the creation of a more favorable environment for those who suffer the most and valuing one of our maxims: that beauty is born from kindness and a supportive and generous heart.

We collaborate with various public and private entities and causes, among which the following stand out:

  • Committed to people

Silvia Navarro 's main value is the excellent human team that makes up our company, both at the headquarters, located in the Elche Business Park, in Alicante, and in our exquisite boutiques. People are the center of our business model and we work for them every day. We always strive to be the best.

We offer professionalism and seriousness in the relationship with suppliers and clients and we ensure the highest quality guaranteed. All this thanks to the fantastic team of professionals that make up our staff.

Furthermore, we are aware of our social responsibility as an economic agent and engine of development for the progress of our country. We generate wealth through the creation of quality jobs in Spain and we ensure the job stability of our colleagues, ensuring a good work environment in which they can develop personally and professionally.

  • Committed to the environment

At Silvia Navarro we are committed to sustainability by creating quality garments to differentiate ourselves from an industry that is committed to fast fashion. Our maxim is ethics as a religion and durability as a goal; We pay special attention to initiatives that contribute to the development of a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry through correct administration of natural resources, adequate treatment of waste and committed to making party clothes where quality and user-friendliness prevail. and conserve'.

Furthermore, both in the headquarters and in all our boutiques, we have minimized the use of paper and manage the company's energy resources, electricity and water, in an efficient way to pollute as little as possible, minimizing unnecessary plastics.
For us, it is important to manage the environment in a sustainable way, which is why we protect it and manage our resources responsibly and with large doses of common sense.

  • Committed to innovation

Innovation is the basic pillar of our business philosophy and applies to all areas of the company, from the selection processes of the best fabrics at source and the implementation of new technologies in our priming and printing processes, to the launch of new models with a very well-crafted pattern that allows freedom of movement and that favors as much as possible, enhancing the beauty of a woman's body.
We make limited units of each of our models and we make them using techniques similar to haute couture. Furthermore, the machinery in our cutting section and our sewing workshop is the most advanced on the market with the aim of guaranteeing the excellence of our creations and betting on the craftsmanship that defines and characterizes us.