About us

Our essence

Silvia Navarro is a haute couture-commercial brand that was born in 2015 as a result of enthusiasm, creativity and know-how. Characterized by dizzying back necklines and the high quality of its creations, the brand is made up of a large team of pattern makers. , cutters and dressmakers who, with meticulousness and dedication, create true works of art. Careful, delicate garments impregnated with enthusiasm and affection, from the moment the first sketches are born until they arrive at our boutiques.

Committed to local development

We are proud of our roots, which is why all our designs are made in Spain with materials from local and national sources.

Silk and organza

More than a company we are a family. We believe and love what we do and how we do it and we are clear that the best way to achieve perfection in every step is with happy workers. That is why we promote the reconciliation of work and personal life.

Craftsmanship, care and tradition

They are the essence of our DNA. We handcraft and individually craft each of our designs. Each garment is unique and unrepeatable so that you feel just as special when you wear it.