SN is Silvia Navarro's ready-to-wear line

A new line full of essential and very well-crafted garments, which are characterized by their functionality and being timeless. Neutral and chic garments that are always in trend and that constitute the basis of any self-respecting wardrobe, but with special, feminine and very elegant details.

Essential and very well made garments, which are characterized by being perfect pieces to be very vivid and enjoyed wearing outdoors. Chic sets that are very wearable since they allow countless combinations. Durability as a goal and as a claim, at Silvia Navarro we make garments to wear and enjoy.

SN is full of special, feminine and very elegant details and has been designed and made in Spain in an almost artisanal way, putting care and attention into each stitch. We make pieces to use and keep.

We design and make flirtatious garments that invite us to enjoy ourselves, to live a good life and to interact with our fellow human beings because what is human and simple is what we like the most.

This collection is our response to a world that is increasingly technologically advanced but regresses on an emotional level. The line is a nod to the charm of small pleasures, affordable luxuries and everyday clothing that we can and should all afford.