Our story...

Silvia Navarro is the reference haute couture-commercial brand born in 2015. 

Together with excelllent quality designs, the low-cut back necklines as a sign of identity, Silvia Navarro is more than that. 

We provide handmade production recovering the traditional way our mothers used to do it. We really believe garments must be gently treated, avoiding industrial production that turns them into a mere number. 

For that purpose, our team of pattern designers, cutters and seamstresses is highly specialized and committed to their job. In order to create real pieces of art.

We already own seven boutiques located in the most well-known places of each city. 

Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla,  Alicante, Murcia and Granada are the choosen cities to place our boutiques. They are strategically decorated to offer the shopping experience, the shop’s personality and the brand’s DNA, beyond design. 

 We always create warm spaces where customers use to come with family or friends. The shopping experience really means to buy a Silvia Navarro’s garment and how it makes the customer feel. Customers feel like real princesses.


Handicraft, care and tradition

Our DNA essence. We produce every single design by hand. Each dress is a unique and unrepeatable piece of art, so you can feel special when you wear it.

Commintment to local sustainable development

We are proud of our roots. All our designs are made in Spain, and so are all the materials we make use of.

Silk and organza

We are more than a company, we are a big family. We believe and love what we do and so how we do it. We are also clear the best way to reach perfection is having happy workers. So we encourage reconciliation of work and family life

Made with love

Love is the most important material we produce every single design. We want you to feel all the unconditional love, every dress has to get your dream dress.

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